About Protect California

When California’s economy began to decline in 2008, special interest groups escalated their attacks on environmental policies.  They exploited fears about job loss and economic decline to argue for paring back environmental regulations they never liked.

California’s government officials were put in a difficult spot.  Most wanted to create jobs. Unfortunately, some rolled out  bills designed to weaken environmental regulations, thinking that would do the trick.  Others delayed or slowed new rules to clean up pollution. They believed the special interest’s claims that killing environmental protections would protect the economy.

They were wrong.

A strong and lasting economy depends upon a healthy environment. A healthy, clean environment is vital to our success.

Environmental regulation is not responsible for the state’s economic decline; indeed there’s clear evidence that new industries and technology have thrived because of the state’s drive to clean up pollution. The problem is not environmental protections. The problem is over-heated rhetoric from special interests bent on advancing their own agenda.

Over the next year, Californians can expect to see a continued assault on environmental regulation unless we work to proactively help government officials understand once again that Californians want a clean, safe and healthy environment. There is still much unfinished work to be done to protect California and Californians from pollution and assaults on our natural resources

“Protect California–A No-Regrets Campaign” aims to proactively challenge the strong anti-environment rhetoric that is pushed on Sacramento by heavily-funded special interest groups. It is supported by a range of allies, including environmental, environmental justice, and health organizations.

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